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How to fix Sempatap Thermal Solid Wall Insulating Wallpaper

There are many older properties in the UK that just don't have the adequate thermal properties due to the age of the building and most commonly a lack of cavity insulation.

Although many people will first consider updating windows from single glazing to double to try and beat the cold coming in - statistics prove if the property doesn't have decent cavity, roof and floor insulation; upgrading your windows will hardly make any difference at all!

More importantly, poorly insulated rooms can have mould and damp problems which can become a health hazard if not sorted!

Sempatap thermal wall insulating paper is a brilliant solution with quick and easy application if you follow the right steps. This product will insulate any external walls in a room and can make a huge difference to the thermal efficiency of your property! Sempatap assure that return on investment is high as you can easily fit this yourself with the right guidance and you will immediately start making a saving on your heating bill let alone ensure your house has a healthy and warm environment for the inhabitants!

if your thinking of getting this installed we hope you find the installation video helpful and look forward to your feedback in the comments.

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