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Loft Insulation Project

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

A quarter of heat is lost through roof space, insulating your loft is a simple and effective way to reduce heat loss and reduce your heating bills. Insulating a loft space is a cost-effective solution which should last up to 40 years, paying for itself over and over again. According to the Energy Saving Trust, you could save £250 a year when implementing 270mm loft insulation in a detached house.

The benefits of insulating loft space

• Reduced heat loss and improved energy efficiency

• Reduce heating or cooling bills

• Reduce the transmission of external noise

• Quick to install and low maintenance

• Produce less carbon and help the environment

Which loft roll do I need?

Glass wool loft roll is easy to handle, produces low levels of dust, is rot proof, and represents no known threat to the environment.

Our range of loft insulation comes in 4 thicknesses, 100mm, 150mm, 170mm, and 200mm. Mineral wool insulation at ceiling level in a loft is required by UK building regulations to be a minimum of 270mm. The most common way to achieve this is to insert 100mm between the joists and 170mmat right angles across the top.

For optimal performance, a 200mm loft roll will provide higher thermal performance when paired with 100mm layers between the joists. Creating a 300mm layer of thermal insulation. Loft insulation roll is often topped with loft boards or chipboard to create a solid surface.

Loft Insulation Roll

Insulate using layers of insulation roll.

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Top ways to increase loft storage space

Not only does a layer of chipboard or loft board provide a solid surface, but it can also be used to creat additional storage space. However, if intended for storage usage, loft legs provide an ideal solution to avoid the compression of loft insulation. Compressing insulation reduces its effectiveness by over 50% and reduce the energy efficiency of your home.

In the past often there has been a compromise between insulation and storage in loft spaces. Loft legs raise the loft board, or chipboard 175mm above the joist, allowing enough room for the additional thermal insulation while allowing the homeowner to maximise their storage space.

Easy access to the loft either for maintenance reasons or to access storage, is made simple with a range of loft ladders. Fitted directly to loft space, they are designed to collapse into or next to the loft hatch area.

Loft Legs

Easy to install & lightweight loft legs allow you to safely insulate your loft without compromising on storage space.

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Loft Ladders

Aluminum loft ladders provide easy, safe access to your loft space.

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