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User Guides for F1 GRP Roofing

GlassFibre Reinforced Plastic (GRP), or fibreglass roofing systems are known for being lightweight, durable, waterproof, strong and flexible. It is these properties that make fibreglass an ideal roofing material.

Unlike lead, a valuable material, fibreglass has little value once removed from a roof significantly reducing the risk of theft.

The GRP process has been around since 1938 and has found favourable use in roofing technologies. This process has been extensively used for the refurbishment of existing & new roofs. One of the strongest benefits of a fibreglass roof is that one installed a roof can last for 30 years or more while remaining almost maintenance-free.

F1 GRP Roofing Systems

Creating a seamless fully bonded roof that is impervious to water and strong enough to withstand regular foot traffic, the F1 GRP formula is based on flexi-resins that fuse together to form a complete composite.

Benefits of using F1 GRP:

  • Completely Seamless

  • Leak-Free

  • Fully Bonded

  • Maintenance-Free

  • A Beautiful, Architectural Finish

  • Lightweight & Tough

  • Strong & Flexible

  • Watertight Complex Shapes

  • Guaranteed for 25 Years

  • Full Training

  • Technical Backup/Assistance

We have a number of user guides for a selection of F1 GRP products including a training video.

F1GRP Installation Guide

F1 GRP Installation Guide
Download PDF • 339.75MB

Hardener Health & Safety Data Sheet

F1 Hardener HSDS
Download PDF • 10.92MB

Roofing Resin Health & Safety Data Sheet

F1 Roofing Resin HSDS
Download PDF • 5.09MB

Topcoat Health & Safety Data

F1 Roofing Topcoat HSDS
Download PDF • 4.93MB

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