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What are the benefits of Home Insulation?

Looking for ways to be kinder to the environment while saving money at the same time? Home insulation is an excellent idea, and there are many benefits to be had by effectively insulating your house.

Below are just some of the benefits to home insulation: let’s take a look!

Save money on heating and cooling costs.

No one enjoys paying more than they have to when it comes to heating and cooling costs.

A well-insulated home can reduce your heating and cooling costs by around 75%. This is because your walls can lose about 35% heat, while roofing can result in 25% heat loss.

This means that with a nominal investment in premium quality insulation, you can save yourself a lot of money in the long run. Insulating different areas of your home with other materials can provide you with an optimal reduction in heat loss.

Typically insulation roll can provide loft insulation, while EPS and PIR boards are better suited to floor, roof and wall insulation. All types of insulation reduce heat loss and save energy.

According to The Renewable Energy Hub, the cost of installing loft insulation for a 3-bed semi-detached home is approximately £300, but the yearly saving is up to £150 a year. Also, cavity wall insulation for the same house will cost around £450 with an annual saving of £140 a year. It is a no brainer.

Play your part in preserving the environment.

If we want to leave a healthy, beautiful planet for future generations, we must take steps to minimise our carbon footprint.

An easy and cost-effective way to achieve this is to have your home insulated. In doing so, your home will retain interior heat for longer, and you won’t need to use your heating as much. This additional insulation and reduction in heating lessen the impact of fossil fuels by burning less.

The same can be said in the summer when temperatures are high: a well-insulated home will not lose the coolness generated by your air conditioner as fast.

Increase the value of your home.

Ask any property expert, and they will tell you that an energy-efficient home fetches a higher price than one that doesn’t have this feature. So, when you decide to sell your home, your insulation investment will pay off!

Snaffle Building Supplies has a range of quality insulating products for your home, office or even shed.

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